About us

The RGM factors for success

With its range of services, RGM focuses on the technical and commercial building management of complex commcercial properties and on the holistic management of major real estate portfolios in the context of Property Management. In addition, RGM's specialists manage the technical secondary processes in major industrial sites.

In doing so it is our aim to create added value for our customers. That is why we not only make sure that the properties and technical systems retain their value, but optimise the resource 'property' by providing targeted support in terms of the strategic orientation and the operational use of the property throughout its entire life cycle.

Technical know-how, solid craftsmanship, commercial understanding, intuition and a long-term strategy – characteristics that are combined with one another in the RGM think tank to develop an interdisciplinary approach for profitable results for the asset 'property'.

With a widespread network of branches and support bases, the RGM Group is present throughout Germany, and throughout Europe in  Luxembourg, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Turkey. The RGM Group is managed by the head office of the RGM Holding GmbH in Dortmund.

Uniting values

Our top priority: we want to provide a benefit for both our customers and for the use of properties and create added value - through short decision-making paths, a high degree of flexibility, our distinct commitment to innovation and a strong customer and service orientation. This common goal unites the employees of the RGM group to form a high-performance team.

When working together with RGM you will quickly learn to appreciate one characteristic of our staff: our employees act with decisiveness and entrepreneurial vision. Each and everyone thinks and acts like an entrepreneur within the company, and everyone carries part of the responsibility for the whole enterprise.

As a modern service enterprise, reliability in our service provision and high-quality results are our key driving factors. It is our duty to act in the background, with a service-oriented and silent approach. By continuously developing and aligning our businesses processes according the requirements of our customers we are able to react quickly and flexibly to the changing reuirements of the market and of our customers.

The consistent orientation of our daily activities towards the value culture of the Group forms the basis of permanent customer satisfaction and thus for sustainable and healthy growth.

RGM - We live for real estate.

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