About us

More passion for your properties

Our customers are professionals and market leaders in their respective business sectors. This is precisely why they put their secondary processes into the hands of professionals. The RGM Group offers the right support, in a coordinated and professional manner – by providing a wide variety of technical and infrastructural services. Our customers include banks, insurances and institutional investors, which means that we cover a wide range of companies on the market.

In addition to the highly technical expertise, the economic benefit of our customers is paramount for us. With attention to detail, perfection and a high level of personal commitment, we adapt to meet the individual needs of our customers. We manage all processes from a single source and make sure to keep an eye on the entire life cycle of your property. Today, Facility Managers are generalists with a comprehensive perspective and a large number of interfaces to investors and users. Entrepreneurial thinking lies at the heart of our technical and integrated services so that we can guarantee the best possible performance.

Facility Management is our core business, and we are passionate about it – we manage the properties of our customers as if they were our own.

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