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  • With retroactively effect to January 1st, 2016, Gegenbauer Holding SE & Co. KG, Berlin, obtains 90% of the shares of RGM Holding GmbH
  • Acquisition of OM Service GmbH, Oberursel



  • Founding of WAGNER Facility Mangement S.A. in Luxembourg 


  • Establishment of the parent company RGM Holding GmbH to manage the three strategic business units Facility Management, Property Management and Industrial Services


  • Founding of RGM TURKEY A.S. based in Ankara and Istanbul
  • Acquisition of the majority of shares in the HRW Gebäudetechnik GmbH, Hamburg
  • Acquisition of the industrial services provider ThyssenKrupp ExperSite GmbH, Kassel, and change of company name to RGM ExperSite GmbH
  • Acquisition of the Property Management activities of the LEG NRW GmbH, Düsseldorf


  • Deconsolidation and reorganisation of all Property Management services into one separate business unit under the leadership of the newly established PropertyFirst GmbH, Bochum
  • Reorganisation of all activities in the fields of sustainability, Green Building and ecological as well as economical Energy Management under the new flagship brand REAL GREEN
  • Acquisition of RSE Service GmbH (now: RGM Retail GmbH), Berlin


  • Acquisition of the majority of shares in the industrial services provider KAMB Elektrotechnik GmbH, Ludwigshafen, retroactively to 01 January 2008


  • Change of the company's name to RGM Gebäudemanagement GmbH and redesign of external image as a consequence of the new shareholder structure
  • Acquisition of RIAG Gebäudemanagement GmbH by STEGO Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH, Hamburg, as well as Fritz-Klaus Lange, Bochum


  • Purchase and integration of Holthoff Service GmbH with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt to strengthen the maintenance and industrial services business


  • Acquisition of all shares in the Nymphenburger Grund Verwaltung GmbH, Munich


  • Foundation of the two companies RIAG Gebäudemanagement GmbH (RGM) and STEAG Gebäudemanagement GmbH on 22 August 1994

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