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Background ipv® certification for Facility Management services providers

In addition to a stronger division of labour within the partnerships established between FM users and FM services providers, the market for real estate services is characterised by a rapidly increasing complexity in terms of management projects. In order to meet the demands of the market developments, the working group ipv® was established as an initiative of the industry association GEFMA e.V.

ipv® stands for Integral Process Responsibility [Integrale Prozess Verantwortung] of services providers in the real estate industry and is viewed as a brand to ensure uniform quality standards in Facility Management.

Only companies whose quality standards are confirmed and who assume full responsibility from the consulting and planning to the implementation of processes in the provision of real estate management services are awarded the ipv® quality brand.

Principle and benefit of ipv®

The basic principle behind ipv® is characterised on the one hand by the assumption of the overall economic responsibility and complex orders and on the other hand by the optimisation of processes and costs in the management of properties by a qualified services provider. In addition, this philosophy is also associated with an extensive authority of the FM services provider to make decisions within the scope of a partnership-like relationship between contractor and services provider.

ipv® ensures that an optimal benefit is achieved by means of efficient management and controllable quality. In doing so, effective tools which guarantee a focus on the core business to the client come into play.

The results of these efforts is an optimised interplay between primary processes with all system services as well as secondary processes. This in turn ensures that there are no redundancies as well as comprehensive expertise and competence for providing individual solutions.

Furthermore, working according to ipv® means following strict criteria. Modern bidding processes increase transparency in awarding the brand and thus ensure a higher level of quality in Facility Management.

Differentiation of services providers awarded the ipv® brand

Thanks to the ipv® quality brand, certified services providers can stand out from the large amount of Facility Management companies by providing a high-quality and also measurable pledge to performance. Unlike the traditional service providers they are also committed to providing added value as well as an advantage by focusing on a firm process and quality orientation.

In addition, FM services providers certified according to ipv® stand for a division of labour with flexible solutions in the implementation process and management of properties.

ipv® can guarantee an optimal benefit, more security and measurable quality for the client. This means that the effectiveness of Facility Management is also increased.

The ipv® brand is a measurable pledge to performance with which ipv® certified companies can commit themselves to measure their performance in terms of the success and failure of services, secure business processes as well as a comprehensive assumption of technical and legal responsibility, thus differentiating themselves from traditional services providers.

The criteria for certification according to ipv® include:

  • Targeted qualification of employees
  • Targeted financial, personal and structural investments for ipv®
  • Instruments and procedures for systematic client communication
  • Incorporating the ipv® principle in the corporate strategy

ipv® certification at RGM

The RGM Gebäudemanagement GmbH sees itself as a provider of solutions for complex tasks in the management of real estate ranging from individual properties to large real estate portfolios. With the current and also expected developments on the market, these challenges will have to be faced increasingly as a holistic system service.

Effective 1 January 2006 the RGM Group joined the ipv® working group of GEFMA e.V. and has been certified successfully as a system services provider in Building Management according to the ipv® criteria since December of 2006. The company is also certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Standard and the DIN EN ISO Standard 14001 since 1999 and 2007, respectively.

For further information on the ipv® principle visit http://www.gefma.de/aktiv_ipv.html

Download ipv® brochure (PDF: 2 MB)

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