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PRESSEMITTEILUNG vom 5. December 2016

5. December 2016

RGM Holding GmbH grows faster than the market in 2016

RGM Holding GmbH (RGM), one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany, has further strengthened its market position for property and facility management services in 2016 and looks back on a solid fiscal year thanks to steady organic growth and a successful presence abroad. At the same time, with the change to Gegenbauer Holding SE & Co. KG (Gegenbauer), the new shareholder structure promises an exciting future and further growth for 2017. The affiliated companies will generate a total turnover of €660 million for 2016 and employ approximately 17,000 employees in total.

“After ten years of successful and sustainable growth, we have established the strategic course for a stable future with the completion of the change of shareholders in November” explains Fritz-Klaus Lange, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Management of RGM Holding GmbH, this important development during the annual autumn press meeting. Lange and his team are looking forward to the upcoming collaboration with the experienced Gegenbauer management. "The strategic exploratory talks during the preliminary stages have been promising and constructive and, above all, very pleasant – the chemistry is right,” according to Lange. "This is the way we will proceed operationally in the upcoming year. We complement each other perfectly through similar products as well as geographic coverage.”  

In mid November, both companies had announced that they would be joining forces. Alongside Christian Lewandowski, who is also very experienced in the sector, Lange will lead the newly formed group as Chairman of the Board of Management. Lange will continue to be the Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Management with his current 10% stake for the RGM Holding GmbH as well.  

RGM continues to grow on three stable pillars  

Facility Management
The largest and strongest business unit of the RGM Group once again strengthened the field of facility management services in the fiscal year 2016. With a total output of more than €110 million, RGM Facility Management GmbH is a major market player for the technical building management of commercial real estate as well as large nationwide real estate portfolios. Through numerous contracts throughout Germany, especially in the Ruhr area and the Rhineland, RGM has strengthened its national presence in 2016, especially in Western Germany. With its subsidiaries Ruhr and Düsseldorf-Cologne as well as RGM Retail GmbH, the specialist for the management of retail properties and shopping centres, the company was able to secure contracts with, among others, HSBC Trinkaus Real Estate GmbH, ÖRAG Rechtsschutzversicherung AG, Santander Consumer Bank AG and New Terra Heimbau GmbH with a total area of ​​around 165,000 m². In addition, the acquisition of the technical service provider OM Service GmbH, based in Oberursel/Taunus, enables the company to strengthen its presence in the Rhine-Main area. “Ultimately, all subsidiaries in Germany were able to benefit from the organic growth in 2016", explains Lange.  

Industrial Services
RGM Industrial Services GmbH focuses on the integrated technical and infrastructure management of industrial sites as well trade-specific technical services and special technical services. This business segment operates in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery and plant construction industries as a service provider for complex industrial production and research sites. With its affiliated companies KAMB Elektrotechnik GmbH in Ludwigshafen and M&B Elektrotechnik GmbH, based in Dortmund, RGM Industrial Services GmbH was able to further expand its competencies in the areas of industrial service and assembly and process technology in Germany's key industries in 2016.  

Property Management
PropertyFirst GmbH, based in Bochum, is a 100% subsidiary of RGM Holding GmbH and focuses on the value-oriented property management and the commercial management of large individual properties as well as complex real estate portfolios across Germany. With the management mandates obtained for the LANXESS arena in Cologne (around 84,000 m²) as well as for the Dieterich Karree in Düsseldorf (around 15,000 m²), PropertyFirst also contributes to the strengthening of the Rhine/Ruhr region and growth track of the RGM Group as a whole in 2016.  


Activities abroad
The entry into European foreign markets proved itself to be a strategically valuable step in the direction of enterprise expansion in 2016. All three of RGM's foreign participations, the RGM TURKEY A.S., the WAGNER Facility Management S.A. in Luxembourg and the RGM Facility Management Schweiz AG have developed positively and profitably in the past fiscal year. Despite the political circumstances in Turkey, the growth of RGM Turkey A.S. continues. With the acquisition of the NUROL Tower project in Istanbul, an app for tenants was implemented for the first time. It ensures seamless communication between the users and the service provider as well as a high transparency of current consumption and user costs. In the meantime, more than 100 employees carry out the smooth management of a total of approximately 500,000 m² in Istanbul and Ankara. In the 2017 fiscal year, the total managed area in Turkey will increase to around 900,000 m² due to two further high-quality real estate properties. The subsidiary in Luxembourg continues to benefit from the acquisition of formart Kirchberg Services S.A. in 2015 and was able to significantly increase both its volume and workforce in 2016.  

Creating transparency. Developing perspectives.
In the course of the proceeding digitalisation in the real estate sector, RGM is also subject to dynamic changes in the market. The technological change in the operational facility management is noticeable in all three strategic business areas and makes digital transformation a central theme of the future and thus the new guiding principle within RGM. With its CAFM system Planon, the company has established the digital crossover early on and has created an efficient, IT-supported work base, which, in addition to high customer satisfaction and structured document storage, offers one thing above all: high transparency. This, in turn, enables a high degree of security in the day-to-day management of the real estate and offers customers and employees new perspectives for cooperation.    

For the current fiscal year 2016, Lange anticipates growth of around 10 percent. "Fortunately, the company results go along", according to the company director. "The future intensive cooperation with Gegenbauer will certainly impact a positive growth in the upcoming years".

RGM Holding GmbH

RGM Holding GmbH, Dortmund, is one of the leading real estate service enterprises in Germany with a focus on technical, commercial and infrastructural Property Management, Facility Management and Industrial Services. In 2017, approx. 1,900 fulltime employees (FTE) generated a total turnover of 192.8 million EUR. RGM Holding GmbH is a company of Gegenbauer Holding SE & Co. KG, Berlin.

RGM supports the "FM – We make it happen" initiative

RGM supports the "FM – We make it happen" initiative. The aim of this campaign is to effectively communicate the range of services of professional Facility Management (FM) and to spark an interest in junior managers for a career in FM. Members of the initiative include leading German Facility Management companies, as well as the industry association GEFMA.

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