Center Management

The roughly 20,000 m² total floorspace of a shopping centre located in North-Rhine Westphalia has been managed by PropertyFirst for many years. PropertyFirst provides comprehensive supervision and management of the property. One of the main focal points within our service provision lies on ensuring high tenant satisfaction. This helps ensure that tenants want to continue staying in and renting the property. Our close proximity to the property strengthens this tie; PropertyFirst is the first contact person for its tenants around the clock. Once we know our tenants and their surroundings, we can react to their demands quickly. Our goal is to ensure long-term tenant retention and to optimise the tenant mix while reducing unoccupancy rates in order to increase attractiveness and value of the property.

Contractor Insurance company
Scope 1 center
Usage type Retail, gastronomy, office space
Area Approx. 20,000 m² rental space
Regional location North-Rhine Westphalia

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